London-based Tarsus Group enters the Turkish market in partnership with IFO!

The London-based British company Tarsus Group, which has been organizing nearly 90 fairs annually in fields that span education, defence, pharmaceuticals and textiles, stepped into Turkey via a partnership agreement with the 20-year-old IFO Fair Organization. Douglas Emslie, General Manager of Tarsus Group, said that they plan to allocate part of their projects and income to developing countries under a growth program called “Project 50/13”. Emslie noted that Tarsus had acquired shares from IFO Fair Organization, the market leader in its sector, and added, “Turkey, located at a strategic point that connects East and West, has a market structure that is open to opportunities and will support our growth.”

The London-based Tarsus Group, among the world’s most recognized advertising and organization companies, has acquired 75% shares of İFO Fair Organization, which produces the REW Istanbul, Lift Istanbul, Sign Istanbul and InterShop Istanbul fairs. Tarsus Group, which entered the Turkish market via its partnership with IFO, announced that the Company will invest in developing countries during the forthcoming period per its future growth strategies. Tarsus Group sees Turkey – with an average growth of 5-6% each year – as an opportunity to expand its existing assets and portfolios. The acquisition is Tarsus Group’s biggest investment outside of England thus far. The Company has offices in the USA, Germany, France, China and the United Arab Emirates, and is traded on the London stock exchange.

This partnership will carry the Turkish Fair Organization Sector even higher …

Selahattin Durak, Chairman of the İFO Fair Organization, stressed that that the new formation would not change the current management style and strategy. Durak noted that the four separate fairs organized by İFO Fair Organization, each a leader in their field, would gain an even stronger structure in the international market and recognition on a global scale with the knowledge, experience and support of Tarsus Group. Durak said, “the Sign Istanbul, Lift Istanbul, REW Istanbul and InterShop Istanbul fairs will attract even more exhibitors and visitors from abroad with this association.” He added that their contribution to the outdoor advertising, elevator, retail and environmental technology sectors in terms of fairs, would also increase.

The London-based British company is named after TARSUS, which accommodates the common sacred values of divine religions together!

Tarsus Group, investing in Turkey via a partnership with IFO Fair Organization, is named after Tarsus, Turkey’s largest district. In its 8,000-year-history, Tarsus, Turkey has hosted numerous civilizations, including the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines and Anatolians, as well as the Ottomans. The district holds a site sacred to Muslims – the Seven Sleepers Cave (Ashab-ı Kehf) – as well as Saint Paul’s Church, revered by Christians. The Company’s logo also includes the word ‘Tarzi’, the name of the city engraved, in Aramaic and Greek, on the Tarsus coins of the 4th century. Another interesting story about the Tarsus name: Neville Buch, the owner of the company, learned of the history of Tarsus during a visit to Istanbul. He decided to use the name and immediately had his advertising agency redesign the logo to include Tarsus.