International fairs benefit the Turkish economy!

“International fairs hosted by Turkey offer significant foreign trade opportunities and corresponding benefits for our strengthening economy.”

Realizing more than 130 fairs and conferences across 15 countries, the London-based Tarsus Group currently organizes nine international fairs in the Turkish market, covering glassware, lifts, recycling and environmental technologies, industrial advertising and digital printing, education, security, and the building and landscape sectors. Tarsus extended its operations to Turkey in 2011, via a partnership with İFO Fuarcılık. Zekeriya Aytemur, General Manager of Tarsus Turkey, says that the fairs provide additional benefits during a period of contraction in the domestic markets. “While the domestic markets are revived via the fairs, new market channels are opening up abroad. New export channels also deliver new business possibilities. As such, international fair organizations are key to sustainable foreign currency inflow for the Turkish economy.”

On September 13, International ZUCHEX 2018 brings together the glassware industry, which realized exports of 4.2 billion USD last year!

Aytemur said, “For example, the International ZUCHEX 2018, in September, will bring the glassware industry together in Istanbul. The glassware industry achieved product sales to 206 countries by increasing its exports 82 percent in the last decade, realizing exports of 4.2 billion USD alone in 2017. Aytemur added that International SIGN Istanbul, in September will also provide millions of dollars of input to Turkey’s industrial digital printing and advertising sector, which has become the production base of many global brands.

Each fair is another opportunity for local producers!

Aytemur highlighted that international fairs are significant opportunities for local producers, especially those who seek to export and extend existing foreign trade to new markets. He also said that, as Tarsus Turkey, the Company’s organizations generate millions of dollars in trade contracts, machine sales and new cooperations.